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Nora's Bags


The origin of Nora’s Bags

Nora’s Bags arises from a historical journey all over the world. Bringing beautiful traditional art forms from Iraq through Greece, Italy and ancient Andalusia (Spain) to Morocco. There, the last typical Arabic touch was added to the print that we all know today as mosaics.

When you make a beautiful passage through Morocco you see it everywhere, in earthenware, windows, buildings. On floors, walls or carpets. Whichever way you look; mosaic lives and breathes traditional Moroccan art. It is the heritage of Morocco and Morocco is proud of that! And especially the latter, that proud sense of mosaic and Moroccan heritage, is exactly what gave rise to Nora’s Bags.

Our main mission is to make the world acquainted with the beauty of Moroccan legacy and to share a creation that incorporate strong mosaic inspired from architecture in fashion design.

Hanane Elghezouani

Our founder, Hanane Elghezouani, a designer that has always had the desire to put products that refer to her Moroccan origin on the market. Her ultimate tribute to the culture and the country that brought her up, in combination with a product for a woman who knows what she likes and what she stands for, was expressed in the creation of Nora’s Bags.

The patterns, such as the Kathim, the star with eight points and the Quatrefoil, the 4-lobed foliation, forge an important art form used for Moroccan objects. It is Hanane’s goal to reflect these beautiful and colorful patterns on a high-quality product that can preferably be used by everyone.
And the name Nora’s Bags? It is named after Hanane’s daughter Nora.

We want you to take with us and let you enjoy the beautiful art forms that characterize Morocco. These art forms can be seen in all our handmade products. Are you going with us on this journey of discovery through the history of Morocco?

Nora's bags



The style of our bags offers an ode to the North African culture, especially that of Morocco. This is not only visible, but also tangible. Our bags are made of original calfskin, from which our belts and wallets are also made.

You would think that this results  in  tough designs, but nothing could be further from the truth. We love to give our design a feminine look. Craftsmen from Italy know all about this and add feminine details to the leather products.

The leather of the bags feels soft, and even though they have right angles, they fit perfectly with a feminine look. Dressed in a timeless combination with, for example, a scarf in the hair, our bags offer true feminine class.


In order to be able to offer our products at the qualitative level that we strive for at Nora’s, we co-operate with a supplier from Tuscany. This Italian family business has been creating the most beautiful bags of the best Tuscan leather for decades and makes them all by hand with a very high level of finish. For this, they use both calf and cow leather. On this beautiful leather, the Moroccan patterns come into their own very well after they have been embossed on it.


With a handmade Tuscan leather bag from Nora’s you have a bag that is not inferior in quality to an international top brand. Our bags are really made as a fashion item to supplement and style your outfit completely. For this we have several flashy vibrant colors: oriental burgundy, Mediterranean blue or turquoise green. Because let’s be honest, distinguishing yourself with a stylish bag in a beautiful and original color is fantastic!

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