• Handmade in Italy
  • Original calf leather
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Imagine you are surrounded by the color of the Mediterranean Sea. A beautiful blue color named aqua bleu. Even with no sea around you can feed yourself with this powerful blue by wearing one of our beautiful blue scarves, like the Meknes.
All our scarves are made of hundred percent pure silk. It feels like a gust of wind in summertime wearing this scarf around your neck.
Also, the Fes is suitable for wearing around your hair. It combines beautifully to a summer dress, winter sweater or all-day jacket. It brightens up our outfit. Wearing a Nora’s scarf with a design like the ones on a Persian carpet will bring you a lot of positive energy.

Wearing our scarves feels luxurious because they are all made out of beautiful silk. Even if you wear them tight. Feel yourself a celeb visiting Marrakesh by wearing these scarves. Scarves? Of course. If you have worn one of them, you are longing for the other ones. They are in blue, bordeaux and deep sea green. And they fit the colors of our bags!

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