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Imagine you are sitting on a terrace in Marrakesh, nipping your green mint tea. The sun is going down and the air is filled with warmth and golden colors. This is the moment that city life and nature come together.

This is the atmosphere that we love and that we translated into our design. The materials and colors of our bags show the beauty of nature and the designs fit well in a lively environment like a modern city.

The style of our bags applies an ode to the North African culture, especially the Moroccan one. That is not only what you see, but you can also feel it. Our bags are made out of handpicked cow leather, like our belts and wallets.

You would think this means that this makes cool designs, but that is not the case. We love to give our designs a feminine look. Craftsmen from Italy know all about this en give the leather products a lot of feminine details.

The bags have a soft touch, and although they have straight corners they fit stylish ladies. Dressed up in a timeless outfit, wearing a feminine scarf in their hair, our bags are the top of the female class.

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